Monday, May 6, 2013

Carlsbad Caverns Photo Gallery

Photos to go with the "'Spring' in Southeastern New Mexico" post.

Begin walking down the trail to the Natural Entrance.
Down, down we go...
About to enter the cave. You can smell the cool moist air. Cave Swallows fly around.
There is still a long way down from here. It is an amazing space underground, but my photos of this area didn't come out very well. I was experimenting as I continued farther into the cave.

These types of formations are called "draperies."

I hope you have enjoyed this small selection of photos. Most of these were taken in the Big Room.

If you have questions about the photo techniques, please ask in the comments. Most were taken with high-ISO, primarily ISO 6400. Most were taken using only ambient light, a few with ambient light and -2eV flash. The flash only photos didn't turn out well for the most part, the exception being the "dagger" photo. It was very difficult to correctly set focus until I hit upon the technique to enable flash & autofocus, set the range, turn the flash & auto focus off, then take the photo with ambient light. The entrance photos were a manual blend of two exposures.

Thanks for looking.

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