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Many pins have two or more linked posts; earlier dates first.

 Red = Scenic Area, may have camping. 
 Green = Camping Area, may be scenic. 
 Orange = Link to Photo Gallery only, not a blog post. 

Not every single point of interest from the blog is shown. 
A full list of tags (locations) can be found in the right hand column of every post.

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Update for 2022
  • Hiking in Butler Wash, Utah, now requires Cedar Mesa BLM permit (with exceptions such as the Butler Wash Interpretive Site, a.k.a. Butler Wash Ruins). You still do not need a permit or pay a fee for car camping. New Cedar Mesa Trip Planner PDF (27MB)
  • Added California/Oregon 1996 Motorcycle Camping Tour to map.

Caution: Look out for Google Map errors. During editing I found a pin that had been mysteriously misplaced by many miles. Always confirm the pin location by zooming in and looking at the underlying map, and reading the blog post, of course. If you do find an error, please email me with details. Thanks.

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