Thursday, May 15, 2014

SE Utah - May 2014 - Part 3

I spent 6 days exploring southeastern Utah. This included two national parks I'd never visited, Canyonlands and Arches. It would also take me back to Muley Point and to discover a few new areas between those destinations. 

I will divide the trip into at least four parts to aid digestion. This is part 3.

Remember you can see larger versions of the photos by clicking on one of them.

Arches National Park

Tuesday, May 5th

The weather didn't cooperate as well as I would have hoped - very cloudy with rain showers, though none where I was. Consequently, these photos are not picture postcard perfect, but the best of the day. None of the landscape panoramas turned out well enough to inflict upon the public.

Balanced Rock

The view approaching The Windows

North Window

A different angle on the North Window (with fewer people.)

Turret Arch

South Window

Double Arch

Roadside Wildflowers

Delicate Arch
Taken near lower viewpoint with telephoto lens. I removed the people with the clone brush.

Entrance to Devil's Garden Trail

Photogenic dead tree along the trail.
Landscape Arch
My knees cried "Enough!" at this point, so no photos of other arches in Devil's Garden.

Trail as it leaves Devil's Garden

That's all, folks.

I'll leave the story of my campsite on BLM land on this night to the next installment.


  1. Very enjoyable Bill! We lok forward to the next installment in this glorious country.

    1. Thanks, Ski. The last part is posted now. Whew!


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