Monday, January 20, 2014

Pescadero Creek Park Complex

California Trip: October 2013

This photo blog presents images taken over two days within San Mateo County's Pescadero Creek Park Complex. This area include Memorial Co. Park, where I camped one night and hiked one afternoon; and Sam McDonald Park where I took a short day hike.

The few photos here are not particularly spectacular and they probably do not convey the serene beauty of this mountainous region deep within the San Francisco Peninsula. However, this area was one of my favorite get-aways while I was working the day-to-day grind in the Bay Area. Many trails were exclusively for foot traffic, but there were also trails that allowed mountain bikes and equestrians, such as the Long Haul Road, below.

It was wonderfully restorative to hike up a tree lined trail, under towering redwoods with the sun dappling the understory of ferns and trillium. On the ridge tops you would break out into full sun and an occasional view across the hills. On this trip I was lucky enough to spot and photograph a coyote and a small group of wild turkeys.

Memorial County Park, campground.
That is a full-size tent at the foot of the redwood tree.

Redwood Ferns

Pescadero Creek Park, Long Haul Road

Pescadero Creek Park

Pescadero Creek Park

Sam McDonald Park, Towne Trail

Sam McDonald Park, coyote

Sam McDonald Park, horse camp

Sam McDonald Park, wild turkeys

Sam McDonald Park, Ridge Trail

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