Saturday, April 6, 2013


I'm creating this blog to chronicle my adventures in my new Tacoma and camper. I started a log the first evening of my first trip and will use that as a basis for the blog. 

The log tends to contain lots of my personal ramblings, so will attempt to distill that down to only more interesting stuff for the blog. Though I will put in lots of camper details, at least until even that gets "old hat" to me.

Thanks, if you are coming along with me on the journey via this blog.

(Never really used Evernote, but when I sat down in the camper the first night to start a log, it was on the iPad and I thought I'd try it. It might work out well ... so far so good. I can write off-line, then sync up to the desktop on my return to civilization.)

Check my website for photos and info on Central NM birds, Odonates and other such stuff.

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