Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Inside Story

Welcome, come inside my new camper.

It is a 2013 Fleet model, manufactured by Four Wheel Campers of California specifically to fit small/mid-size pickups, such as my Toyota Tacoma. You will see many of the options I ordered in these photos. If you have questions, leave a comment here or on the forum where you found this link.
Please watch your step... or rather my new hitch-mounted steps.
There is a yellow "porch" light and hand grip to the right of the door. The door has the screen door option installed.
There is a window in the door, but I've let the curtain down here.

Now for interior views:

Front left (driver's side) showing the over-cab bed in its stowed position and black roof-lifting panel.
Optional red LED ceiling lights - a star photographer's dream and convenient at bed-time, too.
Front right of the camper. The 4 windows in the pop-up fabric were closed in these photos to control the light.

Let's look at the bed with the platform slide out and extra bed cushions in place: 

The wide-angle lens distorts the perspective. The bed is longer along the axis of the truck bed.
Compare this photo to the similar view, above, and you can see the difference.

Here is the Galley:

Stainless steel sink with running water and two-burner propane stove with splatter guard.
Cabinet: two full-depth drawers and doors to three storage areas. Positive latches on doors & drawers.
Controls (top down): furnace thermostat, 12vdc outlets, water & battery monitor, and 120vac outlets.
120vac is live only when camper is plugged into "shore" power.
Shore power circuit breakers & fuses behind lower left door; more storage behind right door.
Looking to the left side, you can see the forced-air propane furnace and side floodlights switch.
Compressor refrigerator runs from 12vdc or 120vac.
Below fridge are floor light switches and carbon monoxide detector.
Fridge interior showing shelves, storage, and even a freezing compartment.

Seating, more storage and another bed:

Door, mirror on panel that supports roof, and smoke detector on ceiling.
Also the ceiling vent and bi-directional fan.
Back passenger-side showing "roll over" couch with small storage cabinet above it.

Looking down at the roll over couch. There are four storage areas under the seat that I forgot to photograph.
Lifting the seat cushions: on the left (front) is the battery compartment with 2 sealed "house" batteries & the truck battery isolator, then two general purpose storage areas. (Please ignore my leg in upper left.)
The porta-potty slides out of the way under the right (back) end of the couch.
Here the couch backrest has been rolled over to form another bed which runs the full length of the camper.
View of  the side window (with emergency exit) and fire extinguisher. The table pedestal normally clamps where I've left my little broom. The table would be set up in the aisle, but I'll likely just use a tray when eating inside.
Another look to the rear, as we prepare to exit.

 Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoyed the tour. 

Side view of the steel camper steps made by Brophy. I got them from and they work great!


  1. Hey Bill, I had expressed interest about a week ago. Thanks for the camper tour. Amazing how much comfort is in there. Nice little away from home casa! Hope you have some adventurous tours in this baby!

    1. Thanks, Donna. Yes, I decided I had enough of the "roughing it" routine and it was now time to be comfortable in my journeys.

      What I failed to mention is how much headroom is in the camper with the top up. The interior height is 6'4"!

  2. Thank you so much for the interior shots. Everyone take pictures of where their camper goes, but not so much on the inside. Still looks pretty stock. I love to see how people individualize theirs and make them unique.

    1. Thanks, sassygirl. Yes, it is pretty much just like from the factory in these photos. As I use it, I'll individualize it. I bought some hooks and things today to add some conveniences. The way the top folds down and how everything has a purpose, there's limited areas to decorate, but I'm sure ideas will come to me. Perhaps I'll post those later.

  3. Looks good, Bill. I really like the new countertop formica color and pattern.

    1. Thanks, HIghz. Yes, the new countertop pattern is much better. So glad they changed in time for me to get the new design.